About Us

Global Data Sciences is a leading pioneer in the area of data collection, visualization, integration, and results modeling developed to provide a positive but disruptive influence for our customers.

Our Expertise

We have extensive experience working accross multiple industries and offer an array of solutions.

Data Collection & Modeling

In the world of big data, businesses can’t just collect and analyze data. They need to understand it and act on it in a way that drives business success.

Systems Integration & Optimization

Harness the power of technology and manage complex systems both internally and externally.

Process & Procedure Optimization

Evaluate and enhance standard operating procedures to create alignment with key performance indicators.

Global Operations

Today’s international business marketplace requires specialized and proven experience in global reach and performance.

Cyber Security

Organizations need proactive strategies to protect themselves from international hackers that pose a real threat to infrastructures, profitability and even national security.

Data Forensics

Investigation and insight into deleted files, user behavior, movement of data and network activity can uncover critical digital evidence.

Executive Team

Global Data Sciences identifies and resolves known and unknown inventory problems that eliminate operational inefficiencies and increase profits for customers. To accomplish these goals, we use scientific, data-focused approaches and proven techniques to develop and execute sound strategies that increase company value and uncover hidden opportunities, producing tangible and measurable results.

Michael T. Mantzke
Michael T. Mantzke

President & CEO

Tony Kirkpatrick
Tony Kirkpatrick

Vice President Manufacturing Operations