Case Studies

Learn more about how our team of experts has created executable solutions for clients facing a wide range of issues and challenges.

Supply Chain Optimization

International Logistics: Global Mining Operation

  • Challenge: Joint venture between Mongolia, client and smaller mining firms required a global warehousing strategy.

  • Method: Placed boots on the ground in Mongolia to review all logistics issues involving inventory fulfillment.

  • Result: Develop an operations plan that ensured a sustainable supply chain fulfillment process in a buildout facility in the Gobi Desert.

Supply Chain Fulfillment: Global Consumer Appliance Manufacturer

  • Challenge: A significant increase in big-box store sales and online sales including Amazon. Company was unable to manage the complexities of electronic data interchange (EDI) coupled with 3PL relationships while meeting customer expectations.

  • Method: Global Data Sciences assumed the EDI role and created a responsive deployment mechanism for managing new customers and changes in current customer requirements.

  • Result: Successful rollout for Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, and others.

Global Data Sciences, Inc | Case Studies
Global Data Sciences, Inc | Case Studies

Shop Floor Visualization

Improve Production: Global Automotive OEM Manufacturer

  • Challenge: Production was at 62% of capacity and sales objectives were not being met.

  • Method: Reviewed and uncovered work in progress (WIP) weaknesses. Developed and deployed an (radio-frequency identification) RFID tracking system which integrated machine logic, data-analytics reporting and SAP systems.

  • Result: Improved production by 50%. Elements of the system were deployed to multiple plants globally.

Shop Floor Visibility: Embedded Foils Manufacturer

  • Challenge: Random process information was missing from production reporting.

  • Method: Analyzed all steps in the data collection process.

  • Result: Debugged logistics issue, provided infrastructure upgrade, and developed business continuity plan with disaster-recovery strategy. Increased overall system reliability and provided visibility into shop-floor data-collection systems.

Inventory Reduction

Automated Inventory System: Global Automotive Raw Materials Provider

  • Challenge: Decrease field inventory manpower and increase inventory accuracy.

  • Method: Review field audit process in 70 third-party steel-fabrication facilities.

  • Result: Developed and distributed a mobile handheld inventory system to field audit teams. Converted manual system to automated procedure which dramatically increased the speed and accuracy of taking inventory.

Shrinking Inventory: Global Steel Supplier

  • Challenge: 20% loss of mid-stage inventory work in progress.

  • Method: Review and analyze workflow and processes.

  • Result: Identified three key issues and created and implemented a barcode tracking system that integrated with an onsite legacy system.

Increasing Inventory: Global Consumer and Industrial Appliance Manufacturer

  • Challenge: Customer inventory levels increased by $18 million over six months.

  • Method: Assess inventory levels and identify problems.

  • Result: Identified three areas contributing to increasing inventory: multi-site bill of materials (BOM) structures with part number inconsistencies, ERP issues relating to materials requirements planning (MRP), and hidden business process inconsistencies.

Global Data Sciences, Inc | Case Studies