Manufacturers need real-time visibility and intelligence to manage complex operations, meet changing production schedules and satisfy production capabilities. Global Data Sciences provides insight into the entire production process from start to finish, improving prioritization, planning, execution and real-time decision making. Using rich industry insight and cutting-edge methodologies, Global Data Insights helps clients:

  • Minimize inventory scrap
  • Improve production capacity
  • Provide proper data for shop operations
  • Limit excess scrap
  • Gain insight into production processes
  • Correct bill of material (BOM) inconsistencies
  • Improve visibility and accuracy of work-in-progress (WIP) inventory


Clients can expect:

  • Increased utilization of production equipment
  • Shortened order-to-delivery cycles
  • Rationalized production quantities and timing
  • Aligned production and ordering schedules with distribution schedules

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