Top 10 Challenges for Manufacturers and Distributors

Today’s manufacturers and distributors are faced with cost pressures, increasing competition and challenges surrounding technology. “Business as usual” is no longer an option, and the industry has to adapt in order to accelerate growth. Here are some of the top challenges Global Data Sciences solves for manufacturers and distributors:

  1. Shrinking or lost inventory
  2. Declining production
  3. Legacy technology
  4. Unmet production capacities
  5. Increasing raw-materials costs
  6. Discounted or declining sales pricing
  7. Lack of control over work in progress
  8. Delivery schedules not being met
  9. Incorrect physical inventory counts
  10. High logistics costs

To transform your business, you need an expert partner you can trust. Global Data Sciences solves real-world manufacturing and distribution challenges through deep industry knowledge, rich technological insight and broad-based business capabilities. With extensive expertise and a proven track record of success, Global Data Sciences is the partner you need to help your organization reach the next level of performance.



Global Data Sciences helps companies accurately forecast growth in the form of sales, inventory, personnel requirements, logistics and other critical areas. Our balanced approach combines a rich understanding of the data that drives your business and the true relationship between correlation and causation to help create the new reality required to achieve true success.

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Today’s companies require real-time visibility, flexibility, and efficiency when it comes to order fulfillment and materials handling. We help companies reduce logistics costs, improve communication, increase production, correct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) issues and improve supply chain operations.

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What happens on the shop floor drives an organization’s efficiency and productivity. But when production capabilities aren’t being met, excess scrap is on the rise and equipment isn’t properly used, the entire operation suffers. We provide insight into the entire production process from start to finish, improving prioritization, planning, execution and processing.

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One of the best ways to reduce costs is to get your inventory under control. No matter what business you are in, it is essential to have the right inventory at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity. We help clients optimize inventory while balancing the varied needs of the organization.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the foundation for driving revenue in today’s digitally supercharged business environment. Although it has been around for decades, EDI is now a necessity for competing in a global marketplace. Global Data Sciences understands the complexities of EDI and helps customers overcome challenges that threaten supply-chain operations, organizational agility, customer loyalty and the bottom line.

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