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On behalf of Global Data Sciences Inc. I want to welcome you to our Blog which will be available soon. This is not only an exciting time for GDS but fantastic opportunity to share our passion for Industry, Manufacturing, and the challenges facing the new evolution of the information age with others such as yourselves. In the coming weeks we will explore such topics as Industry 4.0, Smart manufacturing, and yes the Internet of things. All great terms but…..


Michael T, Mantzke
President & CEO
Global Data sciences Inc. 

Weakest Link in Cyber-Security: IT or Human Resources?

A stark reality facing businesses today is the ever-growing threat to create and maintain cyber-security. And though the reality is pervasive, many companies still lack the best strategy for addressing it. The profundity of this concern is not a subject of debate. Companies know it’s essential. The struggle comes from coping with the potential damage to corporate image, negative impact on consumer trust, loss of revenue, liability to customers, and the ever-increasing statutes imposed by lawmakers and agencies who point the finger at businesses for failure to take charge when it comes to preventing data theft.


Smart Manufacturing: More than a Buzz Phrase

            Smart Manufacturing technology is more than just a buzz phrase about today’s technology and its role in the future of worldwide manufacturing. The term accurately describes the convergence of every component of manufacturing, particularly access and integration of all relevant data. The goal of Smart Manufacturing is to provide internal and external (competitive) intelligence, which is a critical driver of global marketplace success. Ideally, Smart Manufacturing’s promise is to deliver innovation that disrupts the marketplace with new insights and actionable steps that will lead to higher and more sustained growth rates, especially for companies that know how to use data to their advantage. 

Data Utilization: Today’s Method for Improving Nearly Every Operational Aspect of a Business


Research shows the importance and value of using data to improve nearly every operational aspect such as product quality, worker and workplace safety, energy efficiency and environmental compliance, all while reducing cost. This is where Smart Manufacturing comes into play. Thanks to technological innovations that have fueled the growth of Smart Manufacturing acceptance, such achievements have become reality—something that was anything but the norm less than 20 years ago.